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Tips For Maintaining Your Septic System

When it comes to human waste, there is a lot of hush, hush about the topic.  In most cases homes are connected to the city sewage service, but in rural areas you will be required to have a septic system.  A septic system is a large tank that will collect all of the human waste that we crate and store it.  Septic tank maintenance Cortlandt Manor NY is also going to be needed on a regular basis.  Here are some tips to help you make sure your septic system is well maintained.

Septic tank maintenance Cortlandt Manor NY

Setup regular maintenance servicing

You want to have your septic tank pumped and serviced every three to five years.  It is during this time you will have it flushed and purified.  If you go longer than this you could run the risk of having it backed up causing a lot of issues that could be much more expensive to cover.

Monitor your water use

One thing you want to do is monitor your water usage in your sewage.  If you use a lot of water when flushing, then you will fill up your tank that much faster.  So, you really want to use as little water as possible to ensure that you have a balanced tank.

Watch what you flush

With a septic system you don’t want to flush items that don’t belong going down the toilet.  If you flush these items, they can easily become lodged in the peoples requiring a lot of work to unblock.  Just use toilet paper, water and your waste.

Quickly fix leaks

You want to fix leaks in your pipes, sinks and toilets.  Unlike city sewage, when you have a septic system you can have gases and other chemicals spill into your home causing you to become sick.  When you fix these leaks quickly you lessen your risk of having extended issues.