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Tips For Creating A Comfortable Home

When we find a house to live in we are all excited of the prospects of what it is we can create.  As we walk through the home, we will see different bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and much more.  Walking outside we might see a place for a spacious pool, an area to plant some flowers and more.

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Working from the bones in your home you want to first stat with a great paint color.  When we add a nice bright or neutral color to our walls it helps to make the room stand out and have more light in in.  If we were to use a darker color, then it would make the walls feel smaller and as such have a compressed feeling.

Lighting, furniture and other accessories that you place into the room will begin to build it and allow it to take shape.  If we have a warm soft light or even natural lighting the house will have a more inviting feeling.  If, however, you don’t have nice lighting it will feel dreary and suck the energy out of us.

Accessories will be your next step.  Items such as area rugs atlanta ga, lamps, track lighting, curtains, pictures, and other items that we use on a day to day basis or which give us a nice homey feeling should be added. 

Keeping your home clean

One thing that you really need to do is keep your home clean.  Many people will say that they like the lived-in look, but in reality that look is just clutter.  You don’t want to go crazy and walk behind everyone with a white glove, but you do want to keep things in order and in their place.  When you can keep a level or order and tidiness then everything will come together making your house a home.