Japanese Chefs Knives

Japanese chef knives only use the finest steel materials. Professional chefs who want find more to improve the consistency and quality of their meals are now using these knives. These chefs understand that Japanese knives make a great choice over expensive European knives.

Food Network has showcased professional chefs who produce high quality dishes. Both businessmen as well as housewives desire to replicate the success stories of professional chefs.

Professionally made knives can run upwards of 100 USD per piece for a pair of five or six knives. It can cost anywhere from 500 to 600 US$. This Japanese handcrafted knife is highly sought after by chefs and hotel staff around the globe. The knife’s price includes high quality and lasting durability.

These Japanese chef knives are of excellent quality and are an essential part of any kitchen.

Paring blades are ideal for kitchen work, such as deveining shrimps or small garnishes. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It measures 180mm by 1.5mm in thickness. It weighs 55 grams.
The pocket knife: This knife is great to cut tender and lighter veggies like onions, string beans, and so on. It measures between 1.5 and 225 mm in height, and 1.5 to 1.6 mm thickness. It averages between 70-80 grams in weight.
Boning blade: This is a tool that’s used primarily for boning meat, poultry, fish, and other small animals. It has a narrow, pointed blade. It measures in at 275mm in height and 3mm in thickness, and it weighs in around 190g. This knife is easy to use, especially if your needs are for extreme delicacy.
Santoku knife This all-purpose knife can cut large vegetables such potatoes, pumpkins and cabbage. This knife can be used for cutting, dicing, and mending in just minutes.

Originally, the Japanese made a carbon-steel knife for chefs. The best knives are made with the same quality. An inner core made from hard carbon steel, with brittle & hard carbon, is sandwiched between layers of thick soft steel.