Crystals, gemstones that facilitate astral projection

Gemstones can be considered the most precious treasures on the planet. They bring light, color and sparkle into the eyes, ears, hands and necks all over the globe. The beauty of a pendant made from crystals or gemstones is not enough to prove their worth. They can be used to promote healing and growth as well as restore balance and protect you from negative energies. Each stone has its own message and purpose. The vibrations and energy of each stone nurture specific aspects of our lives, recommended reading.

Specific gemstones will make it easier for astral projectionists to transition into the astral realm from the physical plane. The stones can be placed under a pillow, placed in doorways, or placed around the bed in a circle. You don’t have to wear gemstone jewelry in order to benefit from the stone’s healing properties. Many people love the stone in its raw form, even though it can be used for metaphysical properties.

Tourmalinated Quartz is clear quartz that has been intertwined or threaded using shimmery black Tourmaline crystals. It is a stunning stone that combines all the spiritual properties of gemstones. It has extraordinary healing and protection powers. The tourmaline is said to cleanse the energy surrounding it and dissolve negativity. Meanwhile, the quartz amplifies tourmaline’s effect. This stone is excellent at eliminating fear and protecting the body. This stone is linked to the third eye chakra, which is the center for awakening, and enlightenment. It can be helpful in facilitating out-of–body experiences of a mystical, wonderful nature by keeping a tourmalinated quart nearby, whether you are resting or meditating.