Piano Care for New Piano Owners

This new addition will bring beauty and joy to your home. Your piano is your responsibility. You have to make sure it is maintained properly. You will maintain your piano’s value and your warranty. This article will discuss some simple tips for caring for your piano. I will also explain the importance of piano tuning, learn more here.

How do I tune my Piano?

There are around 200 strings inside your piano. They are strung at a high strain across the piano frame. A piano technician will adjust the tension of each string to make them sound harmonious.

Your piano will not get damaged if it does not get tuned up regularly. However, practicing on a not-in the right tune can cause serious problems. Sometimes children will tell their parents their piano is not as comfortable or good as the one at school. This is often due to the piano not being maintained regularly or because the piano at the home may be less quality. There is a higher chance that piano problems will not be noticed if your piano isn’t tuned up regularly. This could cause even more expensive and serious damage. A piano that hasn’t been serviced regularly will be harder to tune.

What should the monthly cost of tuning my piano?

A piano should be tuned once per year to ensure it is in top condition. No matter how much the piano has been played, it will soon become out of tune. The first year of a brand new piano or new piano with new string may require tuning three to four time. This is due to the fact that the new strings stretch more as they are worked in. The piano can then get out tune much more frequently. It is important to tune a piano that is regularly used, such if it is used to teach piano lessons or by professional pianists who practice hours every day.

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