Online Reviews are Performance Appraisals for Your Company

Reputation is key for small business owners. Online reviews can ruin your reputation and brand. They can also be a great way to grow your business. These are tips to help you design your online review system. If you want to know more, Check this article about online reviews before reading this.

Designing Your Online System

1. Google Alerts can now be set up for key words. This will notify your email account of key words and your business’ name online.

2. Ask for reviews. When you send out your newsletter, solicit reviews. For reviews of invoices or contracts, you can use the footer to request them. Asking for reviews on invoices and contracts via social media is another way to get them. Get in touch with your customers to ask for reviews.

3. You can place a link on both your website or social media accounts. You can post the links to reviews on your website or social media accounts. Your customers may be inspired by the reviews to leave their own.

4. Respond quickly, politely, & personably. You should respond quickly and politely to negative reviews. If someone isn’t happy, offer a solution. Reacting to a negative review should not be confrontational. Avoid online fighting.

5. Make adjustments. You can see what is working well and what is not. It is important to take prompt corrective actions within your business.

Things to Think About:

1. How high is your overall score? You don’t need to worry about one negative comment if you have a high score.

2. When was the last time you reviewed? Ask for current reviews if there aren’t any. Keep your relevance.

3. What is the number of reviews you have, and how many are positive? You don’t need to worry about one negative review if you have a high number.

4. What are the Terms of service for this site? Can bad reviews be removed from that site? Negative and negative reviews are always appreciated by people. This allows them to have a balanced view about the company. They will decide if the review was necessary. They will also examine your overall score. If they feel that the reviews were unjustified or excessive, you can request their removal.

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