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Mosquitos & Zika Virus: How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Home

In 2016, Zika virus affected more than 30 countries, including the U.S., in rapid succession. It’s a problem every year, but this particular year seemed to cause a major outbreak. Carried by mosquitoes, it’s again time to learn more about this pest and virus since summer is near. 

Zika is a dangerous virus that is transmitted through a mosquito bite. Fever, rash and joint pain are the most common symptoms of the Zika virus although it is worse in some affected people than it is in others. Left untreated, Zika virus can be deadly in serious cases.

The most important step that a person can take to prevent Zika virus transmission is to keep mosquitos away from their homes. This is not as difficult to achieve as some people assume. The biggest way to reduce mosquitoes at home is to keep water off the property. Some species of mosquitoes like to lay eggs by water. They can survive, even when the water dries, for up to eight months. Keep all water sources away from the exterior of the home to prevent this problem.

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Properly landscaped homes are at a reduced risk of a mosquito infestation so make sure to keep the grass cut, weeds pulled, etc. Your home thrives when the landscape looks great -and there’s fewer pests to intrude on the things that you want to do.

You should also reach out to a professional mosquito company lake charles for help. Numerous treatments and prevention techniques are available, which a technician can discuss with you. Each has pros and cons to consider, but effectively work to keep this annoying pest away from your home, better protecting the family and enhancing the fun that you can enjoy while the weather outside is great.